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In What ARE they thinking?? on Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 at 5:24 PM

Like many, if not most of us, I get all kinds of junk email!  Jokes, games, prayers, SCAMS, etc.  You name it I get it.  Sometimes they’re amusing, sometimes threatening – send this to 10 friends or suffer a long, painful death – sometimes frustrating, annoying or downright upsetting.  Most of the time I may take a quick look, depending who sent them,  just for Ha-Ha s.  But more often than not, the “delete” key is my first reaction.

Just the other day I got one such email from a good friend.  It contained a number of photos of President Obama with various and sundry dignitaries, celebrities, politicians and such.  Each photo had a humorous caption, obviously not what was really being said, but a cleaver “take” on the circumstances of the times and captured subjects.  Even though the overall theme of the captions were intended to foster a derogatorily opinion of the President and criticize, minimize and ridicule his efforts, many of the photos did, in fact make me chuckle, in spite of myself.  After all I am human and can “take a joke”.

Given the sender is a friend, who I know is anti-Obama, but for the most part is a decent, intelligent citizen, I decided to comment on the email, and decided to take advantage of the captive audience, the cc’s, by replying to “all” with the following:

Hello All,
Sorry to disagree with the underlying message here.  While I DO have a very broad and open sense of humor I am Very Sick and Tired of the STUPID, ridiculous, and counter productive Obama jokes and ridicule.  Black, half black or half white, whichever you prefer has nothing to do with what he is TRYING to do – SOMETHING, ANYTHING – to make all our lives better – not just the 1% RICH who hold more wealth than ALL the rest of society, and as if that isn’t bad enough, they (the Rich) hold us ALL hostage with inflated gas prices which raises the cost of EVERYTHING as everything is transported by truck and trucks run on gas.
If congress spent more time working TOWARD solving the issues and less effort working AGAINST President Obama there would be progress.  If everyone else, who spends time compiling, composing, sending and believing this type of nonsense spent HALF the effort working to: 1-Find the truth, not the garbage the Media, any media, spoon feeds us but rather discover the truth, for themselves; 2-Develop some independent intelligence and tell their Representatives to Get Off Their Cushie, Best Health Care there is covered, Over Paid, Under Taxed, Privileged Asses we might see some real progress.
Until then, keep laughing at the Half White President who is working to make our lives better – while the Rich get Richer…..  You know the rest.
Thanks for listening – IF you did.

I’d hoped to make everyone/anyone/someone just THINK.  Apply some logic and reason and draw their OWN conclusions – not blindly follow the crowd.  I’m not opposed to anyone having an opinion or political view different from mine – I expect it and appreciate that that is America, but their views or beliefs should be based on facts, not prejudices (and I don’t mean racial) or strict Party Lines.  To my surprise and pleasure I did get a response from one of the “cc’s”.  At least one person showed signs of life, reacting with this response:

     I don’t know why every argument has to start with racism.  Obama’s inadequacies don’t have anything to do with that. The fact is he has spent us into this mess and he wants to continue.
     And what do (you) have against the rich(?).  The vast majority of them have earned it the right way… most have ….working hard and providing jobs for the rest of us, while paying the bulk of the taxes collected.  If it weren’t for them we would be like Greece…..all takers and no providers.
     We pay less for gasoline than most of the rest of the world, so I don’t get what you are saying.
     As for political cartoons – they have existed for hundreds of years now. Look at some aimed at the early American politicians. They were downright nasty. But I respect your position and promise (to) not pass anything on to you.
     I do agree with you that congress in general is totally aimless, and we must get people into those jobs that really care about doing the right thing now.

In an effort to clarify and encourage and provoke further unbiased, real, independent thought I commented as follows:

No, I am not a racist!  It is just that that seems to be many people’s blind spot, in that it colors–no pun intended–their review/reactions to any efforts President Obama has made.
     If by “spending us into this mess” you are referring to the “Stimulus Package” yes, he tried to do something that hasn’t worked-agreed.  However, why did he have to “do” anything to try to fix the economy?  IF it wasn’t in such a mess when he took office this would be a moot point as there would have been NO need to bail out our greedy poorly managed, take, take, take financial institutions.  You do remember that despite the “Bail-Out” those conscientious, responsible business executives STILL took their bonuses and huge salaries – didn’t they?
    As to the “rich”, I have nothing against them.  Why would anyone resent the condescending attitude that the entitled, privileged few exhibit toward us, the “common man” or that they are treated differently in the courts, in the tax laws, and by society in general.  As to their “hard work” to earn their fortunes, yes – while many have earned it, more of them got it the “easy” way – they inherited it.
Please show me any proof that the “rich” are providing us jobs.  Unless you mean: pool boys, grounds keepers, maids, nannies, drivers and other “service” people, I don’t know of anyone who is employed by a “rich” person – directly.  Companies are usually owned by  rich stock holders yes.  However, all they are interested are Profits – NOT the working man.
     Yes, the “rich” may pay the bulk of taxes, after all the loopholes, concessions, deductions and “breaks” they get which you and I do NOT!   Why wouldn’t it stand to reason that since they have the bulk of the income and wealth, they pay the bulk of the total taxes.  Ah, but at what percent of their overall worth?
    You feel it’s thanks to the “rich” that we aren’t like Greece…. – really, I pay MY taxes too, don’t YOU?  And at what percent of OUR total worth?  I’m sure as Hell NOT rich – you? – p.s. don’t get me started on the “takers” that the bleeding-hearts welcome into the country.
     O.K. maybe we do pay the lowest gas prices in the world, so that makes it OK for the Oil Companies to get all kinds of Tax Breaks, Concessions, and Loop-Holes, AND continue to earn Huge Profits – while working people are struggling to get to work – if they’re lucky enough to have a job.  Then we all get to pay More for groceries, cloths any commodity that travels by truck.  (See above)
     Again, it’s NOT the cartoons – I’ll admit I did laugh at many of them!!  If you note I did say it was the Underlying Message, not the cartoons per say.
Thank you, Thank you!!  I’m glad we agree on the incompetency and ineffectiveness of Congress!

I truly hope I’m not beating a dead horse, as all I’m trying to do is bring a semblance of balance, logic and truth into a very emotional, irrational situation.

Let’s STOP following the “squeaky wheels” fear mongers and fast talkers.  Let’s START questioning their logic, calling a spade a spade, review the facts and base our reactions on those facts; after applying a big dose of good old-fashioned logic, common sense and reason.

Remember, if you’re not part of the Solution – you’re part of the Problem!

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