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NBC TroubleShooters more like “Trouble-Makers”

In You CAN'T fix - STUPID on Friday, June 22nd, 2012 at 5:13 PM

YES, It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Not because I wasn’t “…just thinking” rather, more so because I WAS – thinking, and just couldn’t give any more credence to the myriad of topics that presented themselves for consideration by giving them one more minute of “air time.”

Everyday, just when I think I’ve seen “Stupid” hit a peak, the next day I see a New High, or Low – depending on how you look at it on the Stupid Scale, and couldn’t bring myself to react.  I would just shake my head, talk to myself, more in an attempt at self-preservation as opposed to justification or explanation.

The most recent “NBC Troubleshooters,” report, last night, June 21, was a real corker!  I can no longer contain my comments.  “DEADLY Plants in our Gardens!  The NBC Troubleshooter’s, to qualify their information as “News,” reported that, these Toxic Plants are openly sold to us unknowing, illiterate, dumb as stump consumers, with NO sufficient Warnings to “protect” us!!!!  How dare these profit hungry, titans of big garden centers be so irresponsible, indifferent and with a blatant disregard for the populace’s safety and well-being, be allowed to continue in business?  It’s Criminal!!!  They interviewed a couple of “concerned gardeners” who duly expressed shock, outrage and concern for not only their-own, but all mankind’s safety being put in jeopardy by the lack of Posted Warnings.  To really drive it all home there was commentary by DR. Michael B. (a PhD, not a medical doctor), giving his two cents, literally – two cents, worth of the potential dangers and health issues.

The culprits – Foxglove.  Those tall, blossom covered spike-like, staples of grandma’s gardens for decades!!  (Let’s not forget those other denizens in grandma’s arsenal of danger: Daffodils, Philodendron and others that were given a passing mention.)  Oh my God!  Grand-ma was trying to kill us!!!  Who would have thought that behind that sweet smile, gentle caring touch and loving words she was secretly hoping we’d innocently wander into her garden, drawn by the delicate scents, bright colors, and enticing varieties, only to have our throats close-up, cutting off our oxygen and causing a cruel, agonizing death!!  Damn you Grand-ma!!!  Damn you to Hell, you harbinger of Evil, with your sweet baked pies, cookies and cakes, all to mask your sinister goal – our ultimate destruction!

Couldn’t you just TELL us to behave, to stop making so much noise, to wipe our feet and Not slam the door!  Was your efforts to make us eat our vegetables really a rouse to have us “trust” that anything green and growing in your garden was nourishing and that we should eat it, believing we’d be “good little boys and girls” and it would get us in your good graces??? Really Grand-ma, we LOVED you – how could you do this to us???  And to hear it on the NEWS!!!!!

It’s going to take me some time to get over this one!!!

Thank you NBC Troubleshooters for opening my ignorant eyes!!!!


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