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Troubleshooters and the “Ramp” another ridiculous campaign!

In You CAN'T fix - STUPID on Sunday, December 30th, 2012 at 4:05 PM

I just recently heard of another outrageous crusade spearheaded by the NBC Troubleshooters, where-by they “GOT” satisfaction for yet another “poor, mistreated, victim” of an inconsiderate, cold heart-ed menace to society.  This story broke when a middle-age, wheelchair bound couple, could not get their Landlord to build them a ramp – literally forcing them to be “captives” in their own apartment!!!!

Now, before you get your ass all out of joint, lumping me in with the rude, ignorant Landlord, let me give you some insight.  I do, completely understand and sympathize with the plight of the “handicapped,” as my wife IS dependent on a wheelchair, being an amputee.

When she doesn’t have her leg “on,” a wheelchair really is her only means of mobility.  So, until she gets it (her leg) on – so to speak – she’s trapped in OUR house, unless I, or someone, is home to help her get out.  There are three steps from the kitchen into the garage and one out the front door to the stoop, then another off the stoop to the walkway.  No we don’t have a ramp, as due to logistics of the house and property it would need to be crazy long and turning!

So, given that I “get it,” and have some personal experience, a couple of questions immediately come to mind.  First and foremost, how long have they lived there, and did the couple rent the apartment before they became handicapped??  If so, that does lend credence to their dilemma, and does put the Landlord in an unfavorable light.  As is all too often the case when the Troubleshooters get on a story, they Never give any hint to these critical details.

Assuming they were NOT long-term, loyal tenants, who, for whatever reasons BECAME handicapped, did they discuss the ingress, egress details when they viewed the apartment??  Did the Landlord rent the unit as “handicapped” or promise them to make the apartment handicapped equipped and accessible???  Let’s assume not, as that would pretty much negate any newsworthiness drama to the tenant’s claims.

The question then remains – Were they blindfolded and brought to the apartment by some “trickster elves,” Hell bent on embarrassing the disabled?  Were they just sitting in a field and the apartment was built around them?  Just how did they get in to view the apartment; then go out while they waited for the Landlord to complete an application/reference review, etc. and not notice or discuss that there was NO ramp in the first place???  Once they were advised that their application was accepted, how did they “move in,” again not discussing the elusive but suddenly necessary ramp?  Was it via an air lift, a chute, an army of able-bodied porters??  These are some important, vital details, that were absent in the disclosure, if you ask me!

So now, only after they have moved in, did they decide to address their “needs” with the Landlord.  The Troubleshooter who broke the story did NOT provide any reference as to just how many times they asked, what they were told by the Landlord or what they told the Landlord to “get in” and why/how this is now an issue!  Rather, the media decided it better that they drag the Landlord’s name and property through the “mud,” with nary a mention as to the Landlord’s side of the story, never-mind the EXPENSE the Landlord now must incur, to accommodate their “problem” and comply with their request!  Anyone have any idea how many hoops the Landlord has to jump through with zoning, permits, and ADA specifications???  It ain’t easy – or cheap!

As I said, the Troubleshooters did get this poor, unfortunate, handicapped couple satisfaction.  The Landlord, I assume, rather than face on going ridicule, humiliation, a lawsuit or further harassment has agreed to step-up and do the right thing – commendable on his part.  I hope the tenants and the Troubleshooter can sleep at night comfortable in the knowledge that they got what they deserve!

I, however, suggest that they be nominated for douche-bags of the year!!

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