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Obama-Care or Greedy Business – where’s the REAL Problem??

In Stop & Think before you speak! on Saturday, February 16th, 2013 at 3:37 PM

For the most part, I’ve avoided posting too many comments, pro or con, when it comes to President Obama.  While I DO support him, and I may not agree with everything he’s done or said, I truly believe he IS trying.  Now I will ask, come on, really – be Honest – even if just to yourself, does anyone not see that Congress is far more interested in opposing President Obama than sincerely working toward fixing the country?  All they continue to do is rehash the same old issues using scary buzz words like, tax hikes, military cuts, bigger government, higher spending, and on and on.  Hey Congress, how about offering some realistic constructive alternatives?  Lay out detailed, realistic solutions that can be examined, found sound, and tried – not vague, inaccurate, babble, more offensive to any intelligent, thinking American than sincere, perhaps difficult to carry out and accept, plans and suggestions?  If you can’t “see” the light, and feel that the Majority of  Americans are anti-Obama, how do you explain the election??  After all, there is an old adage: If you’re not part of the solution; you are part of the problem!

Now, back to the subject.

I just learned that, the dominant grocery store throughout this North-East Region, is attempting to use, or rather I’ll say MISUSE Obama-Care to further their greedy, big business profits, relying on the anti-Obama, faction to yell the loudest about yet another “problem” the President created.

The employee’s union and the “Company” are in negotiations for a new contract.  Things had been proceeding on a reasonable basis, with the conciseness by employees was that, while a strike is always a potential option, it would be unlikely as both sides were acting fairly and reasonably – until greed reared its ugly head!!

Apparently the BIG sticking point to an amicable, fair, prompt and agreeable contract is a Health Care issue.  The “Company” is looking to drop this benefit to part-time workers, who, by the way are by far the majority, of The “Company’s” work force.  As to why the “Company” is cutting this benefit, the plan is that they, the part-timers, can seek health care under Obama-Care for their needs.

Yes, the “Company” faces a fine – a penalty – a deterrent to such actions by businesses! However, the “problem” is that the fine is NOT BIG ENOUGH to meet that goal of a deterrent.  The “Company’s” shameless answer is that the fine is worth paying, as it is FAR LESS than paying for their part-timer’s health care and medical benefits.  The “Company” is NOT a small business, and is NOT American owned.  The “Company” NOT worried about all their part-time employees being added to our governments health-care roles!  They ARE worried about their bottom-line and adding even MORE profits to their greedy stockholders.

Now, I’m NOT saying that it is the “Company’s” responsibility to pay for the health care of their employees.  No, I’m not even implying that the “Company” should cut its profits, or stock dividends by paying for benefits for the masses.  If that were the case, yes, I could see being accused of looking to make America a Socialist Country – another “scary catchphrase” being so freely thrown around.  (That’s what Obama “really” wants, is what we’re told.  As to why he would, no one can explain.  Really, what’s in it for him, how will that benefit him???)  What I’m saying is that the “Company” sees a way to INCREASE profits and dividends, at the expense of the government – AKA us the American citizens.

Is this blatant show of corporate greed Obama’s fault?  I’m sure the anti-Obama mongers will jump on the “see how BAD Obama-Care is, putting all those employees on government dole-out,s that WE all pay for!!”  Really!!!  Obama’s mistake was not foreseeing just how greedy, insensitive and un-American BIG Business, especially foreign-owned Big Business is, and not making the fines and penalties BIGGER, so there are no loop-holes the greedy could slip through.

Obama’s goal was/is to insure that each and every American has the ability to hedge against overwhelming health care costs, by getting affordable health insurance.  He was NOT intending to give Big Business the ability, opportunity, and a loop-hole to hurt employees and further burden us via our government, while increasing their profits!

All I ask is think BEFORE you criticize President Obama.  Put things in prospective and place the blame where it belongs, on those that take unfair advantage of the law for their own benefit and profit – all at a huge cost to the rest of us.

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