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Freedom of Speech – Everywhere or Anywhere?

In Maybe they should just GET OVER IT on Sunday, April 27th, 2014 at 2:15 PM

Every day I awake thinking – today will be better!  The world will swing the pendulum of STUPID back to a more neutral, realistic middle.  Then I turn on the TV, radio, or my computer and “POOF” Stupid is still SAFE; un-threatened, unmitigated, in fact, at a new high!

Case in point, the latest clamor over the owner of the LA Clippers, Don Streling’s  “alleged” racist comments to his “girl friend,” who is in a legal battle with the family.  Really!!  Let’s all take a breath and, as I often say, THINK about this, using our brain, not the sensationalist media-brain(?).

First question: Who made the recording, and did he, Don, know he was being recorded?  Second question: Who/How did this recording get leaked to the Media?  Third question: WHY was it made “public” before it was verified, or more importantly why was it made public at all?

With everyone so concerned with privacy, how is it overlooked in Mr. Sterling’s situation?  If he was unaware of being recorded – wasn’t His privacy invaded; by the “recorder,” the media and the public?  Well?  Also, as unpopular, as his comments, IF he in fact made them, don’t they fall under Freedom of Speech? In private with an associate.

I think we can all agree he was expressing HIS wishes to HIS “girlfriend,” privately, (he thought), and was NOT being rude, racist, or disparaging to anyone.  He was just asking for some consideration and respect for HIS feelings, wishes regarding HIS image as an owner at HIS public appearances.  He did not use the unforgivable N-word, he did not mention any particular individual, nor did he in any way degrade, defile, or humiliate anyone in particular, he just expressed his wishes.  (Let’s NOT even go to “He humiliated an entire Race” because, if he asked her to not to bring a China-man, Mexican, Italian, Frenchmen, or any other “man” to his games no one would even blink an eye.

I ask you, are we still in America?  Those that scream the loudest about “violation of privacy; freedom of speech,” and “discrimination and ignorance” are the First to USE, Violate and Disregard those “Rights” when it comes to others.  Especially if They stand to in some way benefit from disgracing the other person.

One last thought, isn’t all this hub-bub adding more and more fuel to the fire and doing far more “harm” than his comments which no one but she should have heard?  Really, don’t we have far more Important Issues in this country???

Thanks for Thinking!


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