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Concessions for Kim Davis – ’cause she won’t do her Job?

In Beyond Stupid, Maybe they should just GET OVER IT on Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 at 6:52 PM

I truly don’t understand why there is any question, comment or call for concessions for this law-breaker?

When did it become acceptable that every single issue, circumstance, comment and action is scrutinized, questioned, judged and a cause for “concessions” to be considered for the individuals involved?  When did we – Society on the whole – become so sensitive and above all laws, rules, and generally accepted behavior that we need an act of Congress to fart???

Case in point, Kim – the hypocritical, pompous, Holier then Thou – Davis, the Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk who is being hailed as a “Christen Extraordinaire” for breaking the law!  No one is questioning her freedom of religion, nor her commitment to its tenants.

I understand she has been married and divorced, 3 or is it 4 times, (granted straight man-woman unions),but what “religion” did she subscribe to that allowed, condoned or supported those actions.  Was that the religion that taught her it was “God’s Will” that she could break the Laws of the Land imposing her beliefs on others, impeding their rights and freedoms?  When did she get so enlightened and Holy?  How “Christian” is that attitude?

Not to mention that our Government is based on the SEPARATION of Church and State.  They are to co-exist, mutually respectful of the other, but not to interfere with the each other.  I do understand, support and agree that total, complete separation is impossible.  We are human, complete with feelings, emotions and beliefs, and both institutions are intertwined in our lives, they give us the fabric of Society.  But, that said, the Laws of the Land can NOT be ignored based on the Laws of our faith.  Nor should we allow the Laws of our Faith to be compromised by the Law of the Land.  The Law of the Land is not arbitrary, to be obeyed, or not, based on how one “feels,” the Laws of our Faith are personal and arbitrary.  We can choose to obey or not, but even then, it is personal and has No impact on any others.

Pure and simple the question is – is she doing the job for which she was hired/elected to do, or isn’t she?  She wasn’t given the Job to judge, others.  She wasn’t appointed King.  She is a CLERK, a cog in the wheel of public service – PERIOD!  So I can see only two options.  Do the Job or get impeached; or Resign and hold fast to your Faith.

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