Thoughts & Observations on Life, Society, and the Times by Al E.


Here I am.  That’s me on the left, along with my wife Mary, on the right in red, and while I will be the usual commentator, Mary may occasionally, have a word or two, too,  just so you know.

We “met” on a blind-date, after my friend’s Mother’s persistent nudging and haranguing got me to call her.  Mary was a therapist, and one of the few who could get Mrs. “C” to take her treatments.  Apparently as a result of Mary’s knack, Mrs. “C” … just knew we were right for each other.   Obviously I called her and Mrs. “C” was right.  We married in 1974 after dating for 3 months and a one year engagement.  Life has been one “Hell-of-a-ride” since.

We still hang with a few old friends, but have had numerous acquaintances, and a variety of characters drift in and out of our lives.  We both came from loving “open” homes where everyone was always welcomed and as a result, we have been envied, flattered, insulted, criticized and admired for our rather “eclectic” circle of friends and some of the choices we’ve made but we believe that that diversity has been the cornerstone of our relationship and the key factor contributing to our views on life.  There have been unique, amazing and sometimes overwhelming developments and experiences that have peppered our lives, but over the years we’ve weathered the storms, basked in the sunshine, laughed, cried comforted and consoled, but most important, we like to believe,we continue to leave a positive impact on all we’ve had the good fortune to meet.

We live on a small private lake in Connecticut, sharing our comfortable home with our son – Mikie; home again, like so many young adults today.  We currently have only two dogs, (we’ve had several over the years and as many as five at one time) – Lilly-Bird, a white Westie and Jasmin, a black Lab rescue and a red-factor Canary – Chipper who was “guaranteed to sing”, but doesn’t.

Oh well, cest-la-vie, and the beat goes on…..


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