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Concessions for Kim Davis – ’cause she won’t do her Job?

In Beyond Stupid, Maybe they should just GET OVER IT on Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 at 6:52 PM

I truly don’t understand why there is any question, comment or call for concessions for this law-breaker?

When did it become acceptable that every single issue, circumstance, comment and action is scrutinized, questioned, judged and a cause for “concessions” to be considered for the individuals involved?  When did we – Society on the whole – become so sensitive and above all laws, rules, and generally accepted behavior that we need an act of Congress to fart???

Case in point, Kim – the hypocritical, pompous, Holier then Thou – Davis, the Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk who is being hailed as a “Christen Extraordinaire” for breaking the law!  No one is questioning her freedom of religion, nor her commitment to its tenants.

I understand she has been married and divorced, 3 or is it 4 times, (granted straight man-woman unions),but what “religion” did she subscribe to that allowed, condoned or supported those actions.  Was that the religion that taught her it was “God’s Will” that she could break the Laws of the Land imposing her beliefs on others, impeding their rights and freedoms?  When did she get so enlightened and Holy?  How “Christian” is that attitude?

Not to mention that our Government is based on the SEPARATION of Church and State.  They are to co-exist, mutually respectful of the other, but not to interfere with the each other.  I do understand, support and agree that total, complete separation is impossible.  We are human, complete with feelings, emotions and beliefs, and both institutions are intertwined in our lives, they give us the fabric of Society.  But, that said, the Laws of the Land can NOT be ignored based on the Laws of our faith.  Nor should we allow the Laws of our Faith to be compromised by the Law of the Land.  The Law of the Land is not arbitrary, to be obeyed, or not, based on how one “feels,” the Laws of our Faith are personal and arbitrary.  We can choose to obey or not, but even then, it is personal and has No impact on any others.

Pure and simple the question is – is she doing the job for which she was hired/elected to do, or isn’t she?  She wasn’t given the Job to judge, others.  She wasn’t appointed King.  She is a CLERK, a cog in the wheel of public service – PERIOD!  So I can see only two options.  Do the Job or get impeached; or Resign and hold fast to your Faith.


Freedom of Speech – Everywhere or Anywhere?

In Maybe they should just GET OVER IT on Sunday, April 27th, 2014 at 2:15 PM

Every day I awake thinking – today will be better!  The world will swing the pendulum of STUPID back to a more neutral, realistic middle.  Then I turn on the TV, radio, or my computer and “POOF” Stupid is still SAFE; un-threatened, unmitigated, in fact, at a new high!

Case in point, the latest clamor over the owner of the LA Clippers, Don Streling’s  “alleged” racist comments to his “girl friend,” who is in a legal battle with the family.  Really!!  Let’s all take a breath and, as I often say, THINK about this, using our brain, not the sensationalist media-brain(?).

First question: Who made the recording, and did he, Don, know he was being recorded?  Second question: Who/How did this recording get leaked to the Media?  Third question: WHY was it made “public” before it was verified, or more importantly why was it made public at all?

With everyone so concerned with privacy, how is it overlooked in Mr. Sterling’s situation?  If he was unaware of being recorded – wasn’t His privacy invaded; by the “recorder,” the media and the public?  Well?  Also, as unpopular, as his comments, IF he in fact made them, don’t they fall under Freedom of Speech? In private with an associate.

I think we can all agree he was expressing HIS wishes to HIS “girlfriend,” privately, (he thought), and was NOT being rude, racist, or disparaging to anyone.  He was just asking for some consideration and respect for HIS feelings, wishes regarding HIS image as an owner at HIS public appearances.  He did not use the unforgivable N-word, he did not mention any particular individual, nor did he in any way degrade, defile, or humiliate anyone in particular, he just expressed his wishes.  (Let’s NOT even go to “He humiliated an entire Race” because, if he asked her to not to bring a China-man, Mexican, Italian, Frenchmen, or any other “man” to his games no one would even blink an eye.

I ask you, are we still in America?  Those that scream the loudest about “violation of privacy; freedom of speech,” and “discrimination and ignorance” are the First to USE, Violate and Disregard those “Rights” when it comes to others.  Especially if They stand to in some way benefit from disgracing the other person.

One last thought, isn’t all this hub-bub adding more and more fuel to the fire and doing far more “harm” than his comments which no one but she should have heard?  Really, don’t we have far more Important Issues in this country???

Thanks for Thinking!

Another “hazing” issue!

In Maybe they should just GET OVER IT, The "Media" on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at 12:59 PM

I, for one, am disgusted with those Crazy College Kids and their antics!!  I mean really – girls FORCING boys, (men) to drink alcohol, bad enough on its own, but then FORCING them to EAT dog treats, while wearing Woman’s underwear!!!  Is there NO limit to their depravity???  What’s next?  Will we hear that they, the Girls, FORCED them, the MEN, to watch porn – then practice what they learned on them and/or each other!!  Horrors!!!!!

What SECRET POWERS do these Girls possess?  What’s their “hold” over these men??  Since most women complain that they can’t get a man to PUT THE SEAT DOWN, or PICK UP THEIR OWN UNDERWEAR, never mind wear theirs, maybe these “girls” should spend their time writing “How to…” books or a “Making Men do what YOU want – for DUMMIES,” series!  Something the world desperately needs.

Here’s an idea, maybe SOCIETY could get over following STUPID, WASTE OF TIME stories, and start demanding that the Media report NEWS: World News, Local News, Scientific and Health News.  Not the nonsense news they beat to death two, three, four days in a row, or until the NEXT Stupid story comes their way to justify their egos and jobs!

I don’t know, maybe STUPID is just the NEW “cool.”

Police used the “N”- word.

In Maybe they should just GET OVER IT, Politically Correct or Just TOO Sensitive? on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 at 10:53 AM

The current BIG Issue in the ongoing “discrimination is still alive” campaign revolves around two Hartford, CT civil servants.

Now, before anyone gets their underwear in a bunch, I am not condoning, justifying, excusing or defending racial slurs, discrimination or deliberate attempts to humiliate or disrespect anyone.  I don’t care about, race, religion, sexual preference or any of the countless reasons people get offended.  In fact it offends ME that no matter what or how a statement, comment, or opinion is expressed, someone takes offense.  Really, grow-up, suck it up, and move on.  Life is too short and precious to waste time being offended!  But, I digress.

While I don’t know what was said or under what circumstances the first police officer made his “slurs” other than it was while driving through a Hartford neighborhood.  Okay, offensive, deliberate, unnecessary and wrong.   From the reports, as his punishment, he is no longer out in the community, rather he’s assigned to permanent desk duty.  While I am not a police officer, I have to believe this is a fate worst than death for a patrol officer.

As to the dispatcher that “N’-worded.”  Listening to the recorded dispatch, (for the fourth or fifth night on the news, I’ve lost count), he did use that word!  He admitted it, he was reprimanded, he  apologized, he appreciates he erred.  Again, not justifying his lapse, but, listening to the recording, this was NOT the first call to the police – evident by the word “… again…”.  Maybe he was just at the end of his rope.  Maybe he was dealing with a far more important issue, like gun shots, a medical emergency, a call about domestic abuse.  Something more important that two a-holes arguing over the placement of a trash can!

If anyone wants to take offense, why not be offended that these two neighbors are wasting the valuable time and resources of the police department, repeatedly calling over this ridicules, childish, idiotic dispute!   What the officer should have done, in My opinion was to say: “Neighbor #1 Move your F…ing trash can!!  Neighbor #2 Grow-up, stop wasting our time and move on!”  I’d hate to see what would have happened then – firing squad – maybe?

In the most recent reporting on the nightly news, the President of Hartford’s N.A.A.C.P. is demanding the dispatcher, and the police Sergent should be fired!  Really, a bit extreme – don’t you think?  These two men have families, obligations, and have expressed their remorse over their slip of the tongue.   Do they deserve to lose their job???  Why not fire them and throw them in jail, 8 – 10 years should do the trick.

In today’s sue crazy, politically correct, offended, no bullying, society I can’t help but repeatedly refer to the “… He without guilt, cast the first stone…” test, to determine any offense’s validity and possible punishment.  If that or some other measure of priority were applied, these incredible wastes of time would make us all better people.

And while I’m at it, maybe the Media should start reporting NEWS, and ignore the B/S!!!

Thanks for thinking!

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