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Police used the “N”- word.

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The current BIG Issue in the ongoing “discrimination is still alive” campaign revolves around two Hartford, CT civil servants.

Now, before anyone gets their underwear in a bunch, I am not condoning, justifying, excusing or defending racial slurs, discrimination or deliberate attempts to humiliate or disrespect anyone.  I don’t care about, race, religion, sexual preference or any of the countless reasons people get offended.  In fact it offends ME that no matter what or how a statement, comment, or opinion is expressed, someone takes offense.  Really, grow-up, suck it up, and move on.  Life is too short and precious to waste time being offended!  But, I digress.

While I don’t know what was said or under what circumstances the first police officer made his “slurs” other than it was while driving through a Hartford neighborhood.  Okay, offensive, deliberate, unnecessary and wrong.   From the reports, as his punishment, he is no longer out in the community, rather he’s assigned to permanent desk duty.  While I am not a police officer, I have to believe this is a fate worst than death for a patrol officer.

As to the dispatcher that “N’-worded.”  Listening to the recorded dispatch, (for the fourth or fifth night on the news, I’ve lost count), he did use that word!  He admitted it, he was reprimanded, he  apologized, he appreciates he erred.  Again, not justifying his lapse, but, listening to the recording, this was NOT the first call to the police – evident by the word “… again…”.  Maybe he was just at the end of his rope.  Maybe he was dealing with a far more important issue, like gun shots, a medical emergency, a call about domestic abuse.  Something more important that two a-holes arguing over the placement of a trash can!

If anyone wants to take offense, why not be offended that these two neighbors are wasting the valuable time and resources of the police department, repeatedly calling over this ridicules, childish, idiotic dispute!   What the officer should have done, in My opinion was to say: “Neighbor #1 Move your F…ing trash can!!  Neighbor #2 Grow-up, stop wasting our time and move on!”  I’d hate to see what would have happened then – firing squad – maybe?

In the most recent reporting on the nightly news, the President of Hartford’s N.A.A.C.P. is demanding the dispatcher, and the police Sergent should be fired!  Really, a bit extreme – don’t you think?  These two men have families, obligations, and have expressed their remorse over their slip of the tongue.   Do they deserve to lose their job???  Why not fire them and throw them in jail, 8 – 10 years should do the trick.

In today’s sue crazy, politically correct, offended, no bullying, society I can’t help but repeatedly refer to the “… He without guilt, cast the first stone…” test, to determine any offense’s validity and possible punishment.  If that or some other measure of priority were applied, these incredible wastes of time would make us all better people.

And while I’m at it, maybe the Media should start reporting NEWS, and ignore the B/S!!!

Thanks for thinking!


The Alphabet is Offensive!!!

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Now, one more thing about this offensive and politically correct bull-shit that’s starting to go too far, and has gotten everyone afraid to say anything about anything, and everyone looking to how they can sue because they’ve been offended.  The ONLY winners are the lawyers – remember that, and they love the current atmosphere of Stupid that has permeated our society!

At one time, a very politically incorrect, but very progressive, intelligent and independent thinker, who wasn’t afraid to tell it straight, George Carlin, gave us, among many classic comedy routines, his infamous “7 Words you can’t say on T.V.” list.  These words, while they were not really acceptable to say anywhere, in any polite conversation, and may be offensive, I don’t believe anyone ever got sued, lost their job, or were ostracized by society if they were heard saying them.  If you did use them, and offended a listener, they, the offended listener, simply didn’t listen!  They may have tsked, tsked, and made an effort to not be within the offender’s earshot in the future.  The problem was solved, done, over with, and life went on.  Not any more.  The entire population has become censors, not only deciding what’s appropriate for them, their immediate families, friends and associates, but ALL of us.  Thanks but NO, I’m okay making those decisions for myself.

Thinking about the current, offending trend, I began to realize that that list of “7” has grown to many more words, that are now nick-named, using their first letter of the alphabet.  The best way to make my point is to give my list of offensive words as I believe they are now known.

A-word – (ass-hole);

B-word – come on, stands on its own (she’s such a B…);

C-word, OMG, one of the original 7, and still way up there.  CockS-word, on the other hand was on the list, but now – not so much;

D-words, yes plural, dick, douche, dummy, dyke to name a few, all offensive;

E-words, acceptable letter words;

F-Bomb, another one of the original 7, but I believe it has gained considerable acceptability;

G-words, a second acceptable group;

H-word, Ho, not acceptable, unless said in multiples of 3 or more – Ho, Ho, Ho, Santa ‘s by-line, or preceded by a Yo – Yo, Ho, Ho, a pirate’s call;

I, J, K, and L words are acceptable;

M-words okay, unless combined with the F-bomb, M-F, yes on the original list, but okay if used as just letters, not the words;

Now the biggie, the Daddy of all offensive words – the N-word, and, depending on who’s listening,  more offensive than the C-word(!) since you won’t get sued for saying someone is a C-word, but don’t even think of referring to anyone with the N-word;

O-words, okay;

P-words one of the original 7, (piss) and some new ones, prick (offensive, penis non-offensive – go figure), and pussy, again depending on their use;

Q-words mostly non-offensive, and dependent on use, queer or queen, you figure it out;

R-word, retard, retarded – offensive;

S-word, shit, one of the original 7 but now totally non-offensive and acceptable;

T-words one of the original 7 – tits, and I would now add twat, the nick-name for the C-word, both offensive;

U-words okay,

V-word, vagina, at one time unmentionable (see prick, dick), but seems to have become less offensive actually preferred when referring to lady parts as of late;

W-word, white, while not officially offensive, shameful to be labeled one as a race in and of itself.  Everyone is A-American, Italian-American, Native-American, Latin-American, which while not offensive Hispanic is far more preferable, and all this time I thought they were white;

X-words, are there any?;

Y and Z-words, as of now, non-offensive.

So there it is, the way of the future as I see it.  My advice to survive today’s P/C atmosphere, don’t speak, at all, ever – unless you are in a sound proof room, with trusted, thick-skinned friends.  Or, you can follow my philosophy:  F-bomb all the M-F-ing, C-words, D-words and A-words – right B-words?!!  True, you may not have many friends, but the ones you do have will be worth having!!!!  Carry on!

Paula Dean Offensive or Ruined???

In Politically Correct or Just TOO Sensitive?, You CAN'T fix - STUPID on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 at 2:07 PM

Where do I start?  Paula and the “N” word; Tonto in the “new” Lone Ranger; or wait for whatever “offense” is next?

When did the world, or our expectations of it, become “perfect”?  When did HONESTY become something to be PUNISHED?  When did history become offensive, rather than experiences to be cherished and LEARNED from, not banned?

I DO understand and appreciate the uproar over, and offensiveness of some words, thoughts and phrases.  YES, I get it!  I agree and sympathize with negative feelings, emotions, etc. that when used, these words, and other actions, beliefs and situations invoke hurt and offense in various groups.  I don’t like getting hurt, therefore nor do I want to hurt anyone, intentionally either.  However, let’s take a breath or two, and put things into perspective.

First, the Paula Dean fiasco.  Now again, no one, not I, Paula Dean herself, or any other civilized sensitive, intelligent human-being condones, justifies or accepts the use of the “N” word.  It has become understood and realized that the use of deliberately offensive, derogatory or demeaning words, phrases or actions are no longer, (key-note here) NO LONGER, acceptable in our society, our thinking, or our treatment of each other.  Period.  And while I do not intend to, even remotely, imply that it should be any different, there are circumstances and situations that should – NO – Must be taken into account whenever a perceived slur, or offensive comment or action is observed.

Did Paula use “the” word?  By her own admission, she said YES – she did!  Did she use it at, or to a person of color, I don’t believe so – though I was NOT present at the incident, or when she was describing the incident that prompted her to use it, a black man holding a gun to her head in a robbery, to her brother.  She was supposedly overheard by a worker who was “offended”!!

How dare that worker, who was eavesdropping on a PRIVATE conversation, judge Paula, report her to authorities, and “cast the first stone”, so to speak??  Why was she, the eavesdropper, “offended?”  Is she black, related to the robber, or speaking with any sense of the emotional trauma Paula was reliving and experiencing during the personal telling of her story??  By whose standards or authority can she “measure” Paula, and feel she should stand in judgement?  Me thinks this small-minded, arrogant, poor excuse for a human wasn’t nearly as offended as that she, in her jealous, twisted mind, saw a way to attack and destroy a respected, self-made, successful woman.  A woman who overcame huge odds, and built an empire.  News flash – I respect Paula Dean ten thousand times more than that low-life, scum, poor excuse for a human, tattle-tale!  There are NO words suitable to describe her!  The only consolation is that some day – she, the offended, will stand awaiting judgement, and that “…cast the first stone…” phrase will really be brought home!  Thank you God.

Aside from all that, what offends ME, and truthfully causes me great concern, is that while Paula did admit, openly and immediately, that she is “guilty of the ‘crime'” she is now being brutalized, crucified, and on the verge of financial and emotional ruin, NOT so much for the offense, but for her HONESTY in admitting and accepting the responsibility for her error!  Really?!?!?

Shouldn’t her sponsors, publisher and other attackers put things into prospective?  She didn’t kill anyone, didn’t organize any anti anything movement, didn’t hesitate or even attempt to defend or justify her actions.  None-the-less, her every attempt to explain and or apologize for the incident is met with further criticism, ridicule and questions of sincerity!  It’s amazing how many worthy to “cast the first stone” walk among us today!!!  Move over Jesus!

It’s a shame that some of these righteous, compassionate, morally and politically correct people aren’t in positions of leadership, where they could do some real good – Congress, the media, teachers, lawyers, etc.  I’m only sorry that they are in positions of POWER, (different than positions of leadership), as they’ve obviously made it their goal to destroy Ms. Dean, and are doing a swift, right-fine job of it.  Sad!!!

Offensive or Hysterical – Let’s get real!

In Politically Correct or Just TOO Sensitive? on Monday, October 31st, 2011 at 6:10 PM
Recently my wife and I got this joke in a Halloween email.  We laughed until we cried we thought it was soooooo funny.  Then, as my blog says, …I was just thinking… and well – you decide –
A bald man with a wooden leg gets invited to a Halloween Party. He doesn’t know what costume to wear to hide his head and his leg, So he writes to a costume company to explain his problem.
A few days later he received a parcel with the following note:

Dear Sir,
Please find enclosed a pirate’s outfit. The spotted handkerchief will cover your bald head and, with your wooden leg, you will be just right as a pirate.

Very truly yours,
Acme Costume Co.

The man thinks this is terrible because they have emphasized his wooden leg and so he writes a letter of complaint.  A week goes by and he receives another parcel and a note, which says:

Dear Sir,
Please find enclosed a monk’s costume. The long robe will cover your Wooden leg and, with your bald head, you should really look the part.

Very truly yours,
Acme Costume Co.

Now the man is really upset since they have gone from emphasizing his wooden leg to emphasizing his bald head, so again he writes the Company another nasty letter of complaint.  The next day he gets a small Parcel and a note, which reads:

Dear Sir,
We have TRIED our very BEST.
Please find enclosed a bottle of molasses and a bag of crushed nuts.
Pour the molasses over your bald head, pat on crushed nuts, stick your Wooden Leg up your ass and go as a caramel apple.

Very truly yours,
Acme Costume Co.

The very next day we received another “URGENT” email with the Subject: Please read! from the same friend:   “Hi Albert; Love your blog!!!  yes, it was the Halloween email that I was referring to, because I don’t think of Mary as being a “limb survivor” or what ever the political correct wording is I thought you would enjoy it. .  I only see people for who they are, not what their physical makeup is. Love you guys !!”
Even-though she knows us, my wife and I, for many years, and is herself a very compassionate, sensitive and caring person she realized – remembered – my wife, Mary, is a below the knee amputee.  She, our friend, was beside herself that she had inadvertently offended, insulted or in some way destroyed our friendship or our opinion or respect for her.  Nothing could be further from the truth!!  Believe me neither Mary or I gave this joke a second thought, and certainly NOTHING along the lines of an offense, insult, or any disrespect.  Really!!!!
In fact, this is the email I sent back to her, “Please Read – URGENT” email:

“No you did NOT send us any email that we would have found offensive.  IF you’re referring to the “Man with the wooden leg” we laughed like HELL!!!  We aren’t at all like that and Mary’s situation is what it is – so we just deal with it.  We appreciate your concern, and are aware that in this day and age people may find it “offensive”.  To them I/We say – GET THE F**K OVER IT!!!!”

As any of the regular readers of this blog knows I honestly can’t abide with all this Politically Correct – Over sensitive Bull-Shit!  (Please see/re-read my earlier post – (fill-in-the-blank)…Challenged).  While I agree, appreciate and respect not deliberately hurting, offending or ridiculing anyone with a disability or malady, life is what it is and it’s NOT fair.

I completely sympathize with and understand the problems, restrictions and limitations those with a handicap or disability face – my wife and I have dealt with it for the past several years.  But, not talking about it, sugar-coating it or being overly sensitive about it doesn’t change the facts, and the facts are the facts.  Deal with what is dealt and make the best of it.  It could be a whole lot worse.  Just take a look around you – you can ALWAYS find someone in a worse situation.

If you think I’m naïve or insensitive and you don’t or can’t find anyone worse off or with more problems than you – make a visit to a Cancer Ward – a Children’s Cancer Ward then we can talk.  Or, if your still not sure there are worse problems than yours take a walk in the Cemetery.  Ask any of the residents if they would like to Trade Places – I guarantee you’ll have several takers!

One more note about another message I got from the “joke.”  Considering all the effort the Acme Costume Co. made this typical Mr. John Q Public STILL WASN’T SATISFIED!!! in fact he was offended by their WELL INTENDED efforts!

Get real people – Life is too short to waste it on nonsense!  Put half the effort into helping, respecting and appreciating each gift, person and day we’re given rather than bitching, moaning, criticizing and screwing each other – we’ll all be better for the effort.


In Politically Correct or Just TOO Sensitive?, This makes me nuts!! on Friday, October 14th, 2011 at 4:45 PM

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really sick of the fixation with being “politically correct.” The excessive anguish everyone seems to suffer over whether or not they’re offending someone, any one, has become tiresome.  Now I am not proposing that we should abandon all reason or sensitivity, or that some of the changes and concerns aren’t legitimate.  I’m all for respecting someone’s feelings and concerns; about not causing undue, unnecessary pain, discomfort or destroying self-esteem.  What does concern me is that, like most things today, we’ve carried it a bit too far!

I was recently at a seminar when the instructor, in the middle of her presentation, referenced the flip-chart summarizing pertinent points of her lecture.  She paused and apologized to group, there were about 14 in the class, commenting that we should refer to the easel displaying her points in summary.  Curious as to what the apology was for I asked her.  She said that recently there had been quite a stir in the education department and that all the instructors had been advised that “flip” was a derogatory reference to Filipinos and thus they could no longer refer to those long-standing staples of lectures – flip-charts – as such, rather they should refer to them as easels, or display reference material, etc. NOT flip-charts, to insure our Filipino friends wouldn’t be offended.  I mean really!!!

I’d more or less forgotten about this nonsensical episode until yesterday when an even more ridicules situation came to light.  We were at my wife’s doctor for an appointment.  At some point in the preliminary information phase – weight, blood-pressure, temperature my wife commented that she was an amputee.  The “medical assistant” formally known as nurse corrected my wife, saying the correct term was “lost-limb challenged survivor.”  My wife, who for the most part shares my logic and opinion about “correctness” said, “yes, I’m an amputee.”  The medical assistant, male nurse – sorry – (correction I misspoke, a medical assistant is not anywhere near a nurse), smiled and politely informed her that he worked at a local rehab facility, and was very active in the limb loss community and the Correct term is now – Lost-Limb Challenged Survivor!

I just couldn’t take it.  Not only was this pompous ass arrogant, I felt he had no respect for the patient, my wife – no matter how “politely” he stressed his position as to political correctness.  I, as politely as I could, not my strong suit, said: “No, she’s an amputee!  And by the way, I’m NOT weight challenged – I’m FAT; I’m NOT height challenged – I’m SHORT; I’m NOT age challenged – I’m OLD!!  And all this Political Correctness is nothing but B/S and a big part of what’s wrong with the country.  Every one is just too sensitive.”

Needless to say he wasn’t happy.  Rather, he was a bit flustered – made some lame comment that I was just making a “… politically correct joke…” and left us to wait for the doctor.  Oh well, sorry if I offended the moron – sorry – intelligence challenged medical ass-istant.

Seriously.  Let me ask, what is soooooo offensive about being an amputee, fat, short, old, or any of the myriad of physical, social or other human and social disorders?  Does taking two, three or four words to describe or name a trait or characteristic make it any less real, any less factual, any less burdensome, any less difficult??  Does Political Correctness correct the defect, solve the issue, cure the aliment, right the injustice?  Personally I find it insulting and an affront to my intelligence to attempt to sugar coat or minimize a problem or condition, and not show compassion, concern or empathy toward the person.

Isn’t there a rather famous quote – something about “…a Rose by any other name ….” that really sums it all up.  Let’s get back to reality.  Deal with the issues and not worry so much about what we call them or who may be offended.  Because I’m offended that you’re feelings take precedence over real issues and potential solutions.

Another “Offensive” Comment

In Politically Correct or Just TOO Sensitive? on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 at 1:06 PM

Here we go again!  It seems that more and more, thanks to Political Correctness, no one can say not’in about no-how, without worrying that it may offend someone – God Forbid – (Yes, I’m sure that may offend someone) and their point, the reason they spoke in the first place, will be lost – caught up in a whirl-wind of controversy and criticism – even though their comments may be important, ligament, a valid observation, or of genuine concern over an issue.

I remember a time when “free thinking” was not only respected but encouraged.  A person’s well intended, sincere comments may be of deep concern – to them – and should be viewed as nothing more than their sincere opinion.  How is it we’ve gotten so pompous, righteous and “sensitive” that thoughts, concerns and points of view no longer matter, but must take a back seat to concerns that someone’s “feelings” may be hurt?  Oh, boo ho, this is the real world – DEAL with it!

It is distressing that, in today’s society, no one appears to “care” about what is said, whether it’s truly right or wrong, good or bad, noteworthy or nonsenseIt has become far more important HOW something is said NOT what it is that is being said.

Recently, Tracy Morgan, a “shock” comic, was held to the Politically Correct Standard, so prominent in every aspect of today’s Society, again.   No, No, No, I am NOT condoning, justifying or in any way defending WHAT he said – just his RIGHT to say it!  He’s a stand-up comic who made his comments during his routine.  If the audience didn’t laugh, he’d have gotten the message that maybe he’d overstepped.  Then, maybe he’d think twice about including such blatantly rude comments in his future routines.  Maybe he’d stop if the Media – my old friends – didn’t continue to give his comments credence or “power” by blasting them over and over and over again over the airways, internet, talk show commentaries – everywhere.

Doesn’t anyone realize the ONLY people who heard the comments – initially – were the ones in his audienceThey are the ONLY ones who had ANY worthwhile input to Mr. Morgan.  If they didn’t laugh or better yetbooed – that would have been the end of itDone! Over and Outperiod!  Now, thanks to the Media and all the Social Commentators his comments have taken on a life of their ownoffending everyone, not just the few hundred in attendance.

Was that necessary or responsible NEWS reporting?  What effect did his comments have on the World, the Economy, Unemployment, or any of the other tragedies, injustices and ills of the times?

Come on America – let’s get over it!  Bad enough that Society is becoming more wimpy every day, overly concerned with germs, gossip, the “N” word, bullying, and Political Correctness; while morality, compassion fair-play and TRUTHFULNESS have fallen by the wayside.

Shouldn’t  Political Correctness REALLY mean HONESTY and INTEGRITY from our candidates, our representatives, our government and in our treatment of each other; not some disproportionate response and over reaction to someone’s crass miss-step?

That’s MY opinion, and I’m sticking to it!

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