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Justice?!? Whaaaat!

In What ARE they thinking??, You CAN'T fix - STUPID on Sunday, July 21st, 2013 at 3:39 AM

OK!!  I get it – Trayvon Martin was a black, unarmed teenager, shot to death by a white self-appointed vigilante.  (By-the-way, is Mr. Zimmerman – White, or could he be Hispanic, Native American, Jewish, Japanese, or like our President a mix?  He doesn’t “look” 100% white to me).

What I DON’T get is why is it more important to focus on the “racial issues,” rather than the fact that a young, unarmed boy is dead???  Why are the outrages, the marches, and demands for justice based solely on the fact that Mr. Zimmerman was found NOT Guilty??

There has not been any effort to address the Gun Control/Background checks issues.  There has not been any recognition of the fact that Mr. Zimmerman was brought to trial, as is his right, and found NOT guilty by a duly appointed jury of his peers.  That’s our Justice System.  Flawed as it is, it’s the best we got!!!

So I ask where’s the injustice??  Just because the masses didn’t get the verdict that THEY wanted there is no Justice??  Or is it because it was a White man who killed a Black boy, and he “got off” that there’s all the outrage?

Where was Al Sharpton – that worthless racist, rabble-rouser – and ALL the now, Justice for Trayvon demonstrators, when O.J. was acquitted??   When a Black man was accused of killing a White woman, and what made that murder even worse, she was the Mother of his children, and he “got off.”  Yes there was, and to this day, still is, controversy over his acquittal.  But, think back on that whole fiasco, the country riveted to their TVs throughout the trial.  The Late-Night Talk Show hosts, and just about everyone else, expressing outrage, anger and frustration – believing O.J. did do it.  The important point is that the outrage was over the TRIAL and the VERDICT, not any racial issues!  The white community didn’t rise up and demand Justice for Nicole simply because she was white and O.J. black.  The outrage was that he “got off” and everyone believed HE WAS Guilty.  Yet, the fact remains O.J. was brought to trial, by a jury of his peers, and found innocent, and the world had to “deal with it.”

I am NOT so naive as to believe that racism doesn’t exist.  I am NOT condoning, ignoring, or in any way implying that racial issues should be ignored, or avoided.  They are real, they do still exist and they must be addressed.  Did race play a part in the Trayvon Martin case, I believe it did to some degree.  What I DON’T blindly believe, is that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin just because he was black!   There are obviously facts, information and circumstances that the Jury knows, and we don’t.  The Jury found him Not Guilty, based on that information, and that IS our Justice System!  Done, over, finished – deal with it!

While I’m at it, why isn’t there the same outrage we’re seeing over Justice and Race for Trayvon, when a Black man kills another Black man, or worse, an innocent child or bystander, black or white??  Where are the Al Sharptons then??  There’s not a day that goes by that there isn’t news of yet another shooting of Black men by Black men, (often drug or gang related).  Yes, the neighborhoods get their two minutes of fame on TV, expressing their outrage, their desire to “clean up the streets, and keep everyone safe,” demanding the violence MUST stop!!!  I couldn’t agree more!  It is a blight on our society and is the forerunner of total chaos and opens the door for the decline in our way of life.   So what’s being done about those injustices?  The real injustices are that the criminals have more rights than the citizens, and are often back on the streets sooner than later.

In order for things to truly change, we must ALL accept our responsibilities to do what’s right and no longer accept this moral and social decay.  Take a stand and stamp out injustice against anyone.


The Alphabet is Offensive!!!

In Politically Correct or Just TOO Sensitive?, Stop & Think before you speak!, Uncategorized, You CAN'T fix - STUPID on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 at 3:35 AM

Now, one more thing about this offensive and politically correct bull-shit that’s starting to go too far, and has gotten everyone afraid to say anything about anything, and everyone looking to how they can sue because they’ve been offended.  The ONLY winners are the lawyers – remember that, and they love the current atmosphere of Stupid that has permeated our society!

At one time, a very politically incorrect, but very progressive, intelligent and independent thinker, who wasn’t afraid to tell it straight, George Carlin, gave us, among many classic comedy routines, his infamous “7 Words you can’t say on T.V.” list.  These words, while they were not really acceptable to say anywhere, in any polite conversation, and may be offensive, I don’t believe anyone ever got sued, lost their job, or were ostracized by society if they were heard saying them.  If you did use them, and offended a listener, they, the offended listener, simply didn’t listen!  They may have tsked, tsked, and made an effort to not be within the offender’s earshot in the future.  The problem was solved, done, over with, and life went on.  Not any more.  The entire population has become censors, not only deciding what’s appropriate for them, their immediate families, friends and associates, but ALL of us.  Thanks but NO, I’m okay making those decisions for myself.

Thinking about the current, offending trend, I began to realize that that list of “7” has grown to many more words, that are now nick-named, using their first letter of the alphabet.  The best way to make my point is to give my list of offensive words as I believe they are now known.

A-word – (ass-hole);

B-word – come on, stands on its own (she’s such a B…);

C-word, OMG, one of the original 7, and still way up there.  CockS-word, on the other hand was on the list, but now – not so much;

D-words, yes plural, dick, douche, dummy, dyke to name a few, all offensive;

E-words, acceptable letter words;

F-Bomb, another one of the original 7, but I believe it has gained considerable acceptability;

G-words, a second acceptable group;

H-word, Ho, not acceptable, unless said in multiples of 3 or more – Ho, Ho, Ho, Santa ‘s by-line, or preceded by a Yo – Yo, Ho, Ho, a pirate’s call;

I, J, K, and L words are acceptable;

M-words okay, unless combined with the F-bomb, M-F, yes on the original list, but okay if used as just letters, not the words;

Now the biggie, the Daddy of all offensive words – the N-word, and, depending on who’s listening,  more offensive than the C-word(!) since you won’t get sued for saying someone is a C-word, but don’t even think of referring to anyone with the N-word;

O-words, okay;

P-words one of the original 7, (piss) and some new ones, prick (offensive, penis non-offensive – go figure), and pussy, again depending on their use;

Q-words mostly non-offensive, and dependent on use, queer or queen, you figure it out;

R-word, retard, retarded – offensive;

S-word, shit, one of the original 7 but now totally non-offensive and acceptable;

T-words one of the original 7 – tits, and I would now add twat, the nick-name for the C-word, both offensive;

U-words okay,

V-word, vagina, at one time unmentionable (see prick, dick), but seems to have become less offensive actually preferred when referring to lady parts as of late;

W-word, white, while not officially offensive, shameful to be labeled one as a race in and of itself.  Everyone is A-American, Italian-American, Native-American, Latin-American, which while not offensive Hispanic is far more preferable, and all this time I thought they were white;

X-words, are there any?;

Y and Z-words, as of now, non-offensive.

So there it is, the way of the future as I see it.  My advice to survive today’s P/C atmosphere, don’t speak, at all, ever – unless you are in a sound proof room, with trusted, thick-skinned friends.  Or, you can follow my philosophy:  F-bomb all the M-F-ing, C-words, D-words and A-words – right B-words?!!  True, you may not have many friends, but the ones you do have will be worth having!!!!  Carry on!

Tonto was Offensive??

In Maybe we're just too sensitive, What ARE they thinking??, You CAN'T fix - STUPID on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 at 7:04 PM

While I’m on the “offended rant,” I must mention what I believe, is the latest, and to me the most surprising revelation of offense.  Tonto!  Yes, for those of us old enough to have the privilege to have grown up – back in the day, when The Lone Ranger was a Saturday morning staple, I would guess you’d be wondering – What – too???  I really don’t know anyone who didn’t watch, and ride along with him and his trusty, faithful sidekick, Tonto!!!

What a thrill it was, serving “…truth, Justus and the American Way…” with the call “Hi Ho Silver,” to our magnificent, steed and our respected, appreciated, loyal friend, Tonto, by our sides!  How I swelled with pride as I imagined being part of the posse with Ko-mo sah-bee (“trusty scout” or “trusted friend”) and Tonto, as they taught life lessons of faith, trust, true friendship, respect and honor in doing good!  Those really were the days!

I was intrigued and excited in learning that the “new” current Lone Ranger movie was not only presenting one of my childhood heroes to a whole new generation, but that the story was being told from Tonto’s point of view!  Awesome!!  I always respected Tonto’s loyalty, and anticipated this “twist” that I was sure would add another layer of honor and appreciation to the Legend as a whole.

Imagine my shock and disappointment when, later in that promotional interview, (and others since) when Johnny Depp, who plays Tonto explained that not only was Tonto “offended” in his treatment by “K,” but was offensive, himself, to his fans, especially his fellow Indians!!!!  I sat in stunned silence, my mouth agape as the news sank in.  Tonto and The Lone Ranger, my heroes, my childhood idles were not only biased, but Politically INCORRECT!!!  An on a grand scale – 1950’s TV.  As this revelation bore deeper into my sensibilities, I began to wonder if this wasn’t some sinister plot, cooked up by the “white-man,” and designed toward corrupting the youth of the day?!?!  Maybe that’s what’s behind my lack of patience or respect for all this Political Correctness and everyone’s taking “Offense” at just about everything!

I don’t know about you, but I, for one, NEVER thought Tonto was a second class citizen, a servant, disrespected or any more “below” the Lone Ranger than the rest of us.  Tonto was his assistant, his right-hand man, his “Friday,” his “Watson.”  Tonto had his duties, just as any assistant to the Boss has, be they man or woman; black or white; old or young, gay or straight.  He had his job, and he did it well.  He was loyal, faithful, respectful and obedient.  He knew his place and purpose, and was proud and happy to serve!

After all, Ko-mo sah-bee was the Boss, and far above reproach.  White hat, white outfit, white horse – you really couldn’t get any more “white” than that.  Now that I think about it!

Humph, maybe we were being brain-washed; groomed to be gullible and subservient; so we’d become a generation of Stepford Wives, subject-able to the whims of the self-appointed leaders so they could feel superior.  Not by growing and improving themselves, but by fostering stupid, pumping it into the air, so it could become universal.  Gauging by all the things that “offend” somebody at one time or another, and all the fear, concern and shame everyone feels  about not being seen as “politically correct,” I’d say they were successful!  The solution – stop breathing, at least such deep breaths!

Paula Dean Offensive or Ruined???

In Politically Correct or Just TOO Sensitive?, You CAN'T fix - STUPID on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 at 2:07 PM

Where do I start?  Paula and the “N” word; Tonto in the “new” Lone Ranger; or wait for whatever “offense” is next?

When did the world, or our expectations of it, become “perfect”?  When did HONESTY become something to be PUNISHED?  When did history become offensive, rather than experiences to be cherished and LEARNED from, not banned?

I DO understand and appreciate the uproar over, and offensiveness of some words, thoughts and phrases.  YES, I get it!  I agree and sympathize with negative feelings, emotions, etc. that when used, these words, and other actions, beliefs and situations invoke hurt and offense in various groups.  I don’t like getting hurt, therefore nor do I want to hurt anyone, intentionally either.  However, let’s take a breath or two, and put things into perspective.

First, the Paula Dean fiasco.  Now again, no one, not I, Paula Dean herself, or any other civilized sensitive, intelligent human-being condones, justifies or accepts the use of the “N” word.  It has become understood and realized that the use of deliberately offensive, derogatory or demeaning words, phrases or actions are no longer, (key-note here) NO LONGER, acceptable in our society, our thinking, or our treatment of each other.  Period.  And while I do not intend to, even remotely, imply that it should be any different, there are circumstances and situations that should – NO – Must be taken into account whenever a perceived slur, or offensive comment or action is observed.

Did Paula use “the” word?  By her own admission, she said YES – she did!  Did she use it at, or to a person of color, I don’t believe so – though I was NOT present at the incident, or when she was describing the incident that prompted her to use it, a black man holding a gun to her head in a robbery, to her brother.  She was supposedly overheard by a worker who was “offended”!!

How dare that worker, who was eavesdropping on a PRIVATE conversation, judge Paula, report her to authorities, and “cast the first stone”, so to speak??  Why was she, the eavesdropper, “offended?”  Is she black, related to the robber, or speaking with any sense of the emotional trauma Paula was reliving and experiencing during the personal telling of her story??  By whose standards or authority can she “measure” Paula, and feel she should stand in judgement?  Me thinks this small-minded, arrogant, poor excuse for a human wasn’t nearly as offended as that she, in her jealous, twisted mind, saw a way to attack and destroy a respected, self-made, successful woman.  A woman who overcame huge odds, and built an empire.  News flash – I respect Paula Dean ten thousand times more than that low-life, scum, poor excuse for a human, tattle-tale!  There are NO words suitable to describe her!  The only consolation is that some day – she, the offended, will stand awaiting judgement, and that “…cast the first stone…” phrase will really be brought home!  Thank you God.

Aside from all that, what offends ME, and truthfully causes me great concern, is that while Paula did admit, openly and immediately, that she is “guilty of the ‘crime'” she is now being brutalized, crucified, and on the verge of financial and emotional ruin, NOT so much for the offense, but for her HONESTY in admitting and accepting the responsibility for her error!  Really?!?!?

Shouldn’t her sponsors, publisher and other attackers put things into prospective?  She didn’t kill anyone, didn’t organize any anti anything movement, didn’t hesitate or even attempt to defend or justify her actions.  None-the-less, her every attempt to explain and or apologize for the incident is met with further criticism, ridicule and questions of sincerity!  It’s amazing how many worthy to “cast the first stone” walk among us today!!!  Move over Jesus!

It’s a shame that some of these righteous, compassionate, morally and politically correct people aren’t in positions of leadership, where they could do some real good – Congress, the media, teachers, lawyers, etc.  I’m only sorry that they are in positions of POWER, (different than positions of leadership), as they’ve obviously made it their goal to destroy Ms. Dean, and are doing a swift, right-fine job of it.  Sad!!!

Troubleshooters and the “Ramp” another ridiculous campaign!

In You CAN'T fix - STUPID on Sunday, December 30th, 2012 at 4:05 PM

I just recently heard of another outrageous crusade spearheaded by the NBC Troubleshooters, where-by they “GOT” satisfaction for yet another “poor, mistreated, victim” of an inconsiderate, cold heart-ed menace to society.  This story broke when a middle-age, wheelchair bound couple, could not get their Landlord to build them a ramp – literally forcing them to be “captives” in their own apartment!!!!

Now, before you get your ass all out of joint, lumping me in with the rude, ignorant Landlord, let me give you some insight.  I do, completely understand and sympathize with the plight of the “handicapped,” as my wife IS dependent on a wheelchair, being an amputee.

When she doesn’t have her leg “on,” a wheelchair really is her only means of mobility.  So, until she gets it (her leg) on – so to speak – she’s trapped in OUR house, unless I, or someone, is home to help her get out.  There are three steps from the kitchen into the garage and one out the front door to the stoop, then another off the stoop to the walkway.  No we don’t have a ramp, as due to logistics of the house and property it would need to be crazy long and turning!

So, given that I “get it,” and have some personal experience, a couple of questions immediately come to mind.  First and foremost, how long have they lived there, and did the couple rent the apartment before they became handicapped??  If so, that does lend credence to their dilemma, and does put the Landlord in an unfavorable light.  As is all too often the case when the Troubleshooters get on a story, they Never give any hint to these critical details.

Assuming they were NOT long-term, loyal tenants, who, for whatever reasons BECAME handicapped, did they discuss the ingress, egress details when they viewed the apartment??  Did the Landlord rent the unit as “handicapped” or promise them to make the apartment handicapped equipped and accessible???  Let’s assume not, as that would pretty much negate any newsworthiness drama to the tenant’s claims.

The question then remains – Were they blindfolded and brought to the apartment by some “trickster elves,” Hell bent on embarrassing the disabled?  Were they just sitting in a field and the apartment was built around them?  Just how did they get in to view the apartment; then go out while they waited for the Landlord to complete an application/reference review, etc. and not notice or discuss that there was NO ramp in the first place???  Once they were advised that their application was accepted, how did they “move in,” again not discussing the elusive but suddenly necessary ramp?  Was it via an air lift, a chute, an army of able-bodied porters??  These are some important, vital details, that were absent in the disclosure, if you ask me!

So now, only after they have moved in, did they decide to address their “needs” with the Landlord.  The Troubleshooter who broke the story did NOT provide any reference as to just how many times they asked, what they were told by the Landlord or what they told the Landlord to “get in” and why/how this is now an issue!  Rather, the media decided it better that they drag the Landlord’s name and property through the “mud,” with nary a mention as to the Landlord’s side of the story, never-mind the EXPENSE the Landlord now must incur, to accommodate their “problem” and comply with their request!  Anyone have any idea how many hoops the Landlord has to jump through with zoning, permits, and ADA specifications???  It ain’t easy – or cheap!

As I said, the Troubleshooters did get this poor, unfortunate, handicapped couple satisfaction.  The Landlord, I assume, rather than face on going ridicule, humiliation, a lawsuit or further harassment has agreed to step-up and do the right thing – commendable on his part.  I hope the tenants and the Troubleshooter can sleep at night comfortable in the knowledge that they got what they deserve!

I, however, suggest that they be nominated for douche-bags of the year!!

NBC TroubleShooters more like “Trouble-Makers”

In You CAN'T fix - STUPID on Friday, June 22nd, 2012 at 5:13 PM

YES, It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Not because I wasn’t “…just thinking” rather, more so because I WAS – thinking, and just couldn’t give any more credence to the myriad of topics that presented themselves for consideration by giving them one more minute of “air time.”

Everyday, just when I think I’ve seen “Stupid” hit a peak, the next day I see a New High, or Low – depending on how you look at it on the Stupid Scale, and couldn’t bring myself to react.  I would just shake my head, talk to myself, more in an attempt at self-preservation as opposed to justification or explanation.

The most recent “NBC Troubleshooters,” report, last night, June 21, was a real corker!  I can no longer contain my comments.  “DEADLY Plants in our Gardens!  The NBC Troubleshooter’s, to qualify their information as “News,” reported that, these Toxic Plants are openly sold to us unknowing, illiterate, dumb as stump consumers, with NO sufficient Warnings to “protect” us!!!!  How dare these profit hungry, titans of big garden centers be so irresponsible, indifferent and with a blatant disregard for the populace’s safety and well-being, be allowed to continue in business?  It’s Criminal!!!  They interviewed a couple of “concerned gardeners” who duly expressed shock, outrage and concern for not only their-own, but all mankind’s safety being put in jeopardy by the lack of Posted Warnings.  To really drive it all home there was commentary by DR. Michael B. (a PhD, not a medical doctor), giving his two cents, literally – two cents, worth of the potential dangers and health issues.

The culprits – Foxglove.  Those tall, blossom covered spike-like, staples of grandma’s gardens for decades!!  (Let’s not forget those other denizens in grandma’s arsenal of danger: Daffodils, Philodendron and others that were given a passing mention.)  Oh my God!  Grand-ma was trying to kill us!!!  Who would have thought that behind that sweet smile, gentle caring touch and loving words she was secretly hoping we’d innocently wander into her garden, drawn by the delicate scents, bright colors, and enticing varieties, only to have our throats close-up, cutting off our oxygen and causing a cruel, agonizing death!!  Damn you Grand-ma!!!  Damn you to Hell, you harbinger of Evil, with your sweet baked pies, cookies and cakes, all to mask your sinister goal – our ultimate destruction!

Couldn’t you just TELL us to behave, to stop making so much noise, to wipe our feet and Not slam the door!  Was your efforts to make us eat our vegetables really a rouse to have us “trust” that anything green and growing in your garden was nourishing and that we should eat it, believing we’d be “good little boys and girls” and it would get us in your good graces??? Really Grand-ma, we LOVED you – how could you do this to us???  And to hear it on the NEWS!!!!!

It’s going to take me some time to get over this one!!!

Thank you NBC Troubleshooters for opening my ignorant eyes!!!!

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